KerenOr Consultants

Cross cultural communication

The key to success in today’s global marketplace is communication.  A message or product is only as good as the perception of those on the receiving end.  Poor communication can result in misunderstanding, conflict and lost business opportunities.  Communication involves not only the written and spoken word, but the ability to grasp and interpret the nuances of the marketplace, cultural differences, and the interactions of those operating in that market.

KerenOr Consultants' Principal, Karen Fierst, lived abroad for eight years. During that time she conducted both everyday life activities, as well as business, in a foreign language and in accordance with the local culture and mores.  This experience provided Ms. Fierst with a firm grasp of the challenges facing non-natives, regardless of background, when living and/or doing business in foreign environments. This personal experience, a background in both formal and informal education, and an ability to listen, understand and glean meaning from those whose culture and/or language is foreign has proven beneficial to clients of KerenOr Consultants.

Missing subtleties or the critical point in cross border business because of differing cultural grounding can be costly.  Having professional assistance in navigating the waters of a foreign business environment is an important and cost effective strategy for any size company.  KerenOr Consultants has proven skills in cross cultural communication, assisting companies dealing in international trade to effectively get their message across and understand the market forces in which they choose to do business.